Zuzanna Mizgalska

Zuzanna is a graduate of School of Jazz and Popular Music in Wroclaw (jazz piano class) and jazz singing in Music Academy in Katowice. She is a graduate of Music Academy in Wroclaw, her major being Music Therapy. In 2014 she was improving her vocal skill in Natural Voice Perfection Institute. Since 2015 she lives in The Netherlands.

She gained her experience by being involved in many projects, starting with sung poetry, polish folk music, pop music through broadly understood jazz, blues, latin jazz, bossa nova.

In music, Zuzanna appreciates emotions and melody the most, hence the passion for Scandinavian jazz and for old classical jazz. You can hear these inspirations in her music.

Zuzanna’s main goal during singing lessons are to learn how to use the voice healthy, develop a passion for singing and develop technical skills. All technical, emission exercises and repertoire are individually tailored to the every student’s needs.

Piano classes include classical music and popular music. The main goals during piano classes are developing passion for play the piano, developing musical sensitivity, the ability to read notes and play by ear.

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