My guitar course

We all have our favorite styles of music, so it’s only natural that you’d be most interested in playing what you like.You can learn them all or just the ones that interest you most.

To do this, however, you need a program of studies that can be flexible and customizable… To do this then you need your guitar course!

You can create your own program independently, or you can create this with your teacher (recommended!). See the examples of “My guitar course” further down this page.

You’ll learn these Guitar Styles. . .

Pop Acoustic Guitar

Whether it’s singing at home, church, or around a campfire, there’s no better way to provide accompaniment than good ‘ol acoustic guitar.

Electric & Rock Guitar

Power chords, power riffs, pedal effects, distortion, and more. This is the heart of Rock & Roll, and you’ll learn all of it. From hammer-ons and pull-offs to advanced bends and the Eddie Van Halen Technique, all the hot electric guitar stuff is here too.You’ll learn the musical concepts behind these techniques and discover how to use them in real playing and soloing situations, just like the pros.

Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar

From the fun and upbeat Merle Travis Technique to the soft beauty of classical guitar, you will learn the secrets of great fingerstyle and stylish arpeggios.

Blues Guitar

Is there anything cooler than a hot blues solo? With LG Guitar School, you’ll be playing them in no time. You will learn the blues notes, the blues chord progression, how it all works with minor pentatonics (don’t worry… it’ll make sense when you get there!), and of course—how to construct a great blues solo.

Jazz Guitar

Love jazz? We’ve got you covered. You will learn not only the popular jazz chords and chord progressions, but also how to “jazz up” the regular chord progressions you already know.

Country Guitar & Chicken Picken’

Country music players adopted the electric guitar a long time ago and have since created a truly unique sound. We teach you everything you need to know, from Country Bends to the secrets of fast and fun Chicken Picken’.

R&B and Funk Guitar

Playing great Funk and R&B is all about muting techniques and how to use them with rhythm and style. It’s not too hard to learn and whole lot of fun to play. Knowing a few good Funk techniques will also add a lot to your soloing skills.

And most important . . .

Your Own Style

With LG Guitar School, you won’t just be learning different types of guitar. You will be learning to play with style—both style in general and a style all your own. You’ll learn how to make beautiful chord substitutions on the fly, how to give a zest to your strumming, how to blend different styles together, and a whole lot more. The point is learning to move beyond just playing the right notes at the right time and to begin really communicating something when you play. As you progress through the LG Guitar School program, you will learn to discover your style, develop it, and use it.

Once you really start playing your guitar, you won’t just want people to hear your music. You’ll begin to want them to feel your music. The style training in LG Guitar School makes that possible.

As mentioned previously, we bring you some examples of “My guitar course” created by the collaboration between student and teacher:

Pop-Rock guitar course

  • Proper techniques in classical and acoustic guitar playing
  • Basic music rudiments and musical terms
  • Ability in reading musical notes and guitar tablature
  • Comprehensive study in the use of finger picking styles
  • Extensive chord knowledge and chord progressions
  • Wide repertoire of Pop, Pop Rock and other contemporary music

Rock-Blues guitar course

  • Proper techniques in acoustic and electric guitar playing
  • Basic music rudiments and musical terms
  • Learning of powered chords, barre chords and other extended, altered chords
  • Pentatonic scales and modes for solo playing
  • Exposure to various rhythm comping styles and riffs
  • Reading of music notation and guitar tablature

Jazz-Blues guitar course

  • How to use guitar scales in jazz.
  • Advanced use of the pentatonic scale.
  • How to play bebop, latin, blues guitar & Rhythm Changes.
  • Arpeggios for Guitar.
  • Guitar technique exercises to develop speed and dexterity
  • How to play jazz standards from the Real Book
  • Jazz Chord Progressions
  • Blues Guitar Chords
  • How to Play Fingerstyle Walking Bass
  • Guitar Chord Inversions
  • Chord Substitutions
  • Comping studies on popular jazz standard