Jeffrey Zuhdy

Jeffrey was born in Indonesia and he grew up in The Netherlands. He started his first guitar lesson, when he was 10 years old.
He grew up with the music of Queen, Eagles, the Beatles, Mother’s Finest, Todd Rundgren and Pink Floyd. He graduated from the Conservatory on Guitar and Vocal and developed himself as a skillful singer/guitarist in different styles. From Jazz, Soul to Pop, Rock and Singer-Songwriter.
Jeffrey was also a member of a pop a capella group, Montezuma’s Revenge, with whom he performed in many theatres and also toured in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
As a guitarist(and singer) he played in coverbands and theatre projects.
Due to these experiences Jeffrey developed himself as a multi-talented artist in many different styles of music. He can also help you develop your own songs, since he also write songs himself.
Jeffrey’s mission is to explore the style and taste of the student and find the best way to develop and inspire, which eventually result in having fun making music. During his lessons you will also experience his passion for being a musician and a performing artist.
While there is so much more to tell about Jeffrey Zuhdy, you can find more information on his website:
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