Jort Terwijn

My name is Jort Terwijn (1993), I studied at the conservatories of Arnhem, Barcelona (Bachelor’s) and Amsterdam (Master’s).
During and before the conservatory I have had a huge number of teachers, all of whom taught in their own way. I try to pass this information on to my students in my own way. Learning to play an instrument can be tackled and understood in hundreds of ways. Every student is different and everyone learns in his own way. But in the end everyone just wants one thing: play. This is also the starting point for me in my lessons and everything that happens in the lesson is dominated by this. In addition, I always ask myself and the student how we can best tackle this.

These points are important for me here:

A target
Work forms
Fun (!)
Inspiration / explore music
Solfège (hearing training)
Study / practice

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